Wietse Voermans
Wietse Voermans Quintet (The Pack Project 2018)

Wietse Voermans Quintet originated due to the success of the Pack Project 2018; an annual project for young talent within Festival Jazz International Rotterdam.  This project proved to be very inspirational and therefore it was a shame to leave it at that, hence the Wietse Voermans Quintet was born. 

Line up:
Wietse Voermans (NL) – alto saxophone
Michael Moore (NL) – clarinet/ alto saxophone
Rasmus Svale Kjærgård Lund (DK) – tuba
Alessio Bruno (NL/IT) – double bass
Onno Govaert (NL) – drums

‘’A big part of the joy of going to a festival is the discovery of new names. The music of talented saxophonist Wietse Voermans proved to be one of the highlights of the festival. (…)

In collaboration with the festival, Voermans had put together a group with Michael Moore on saxophone and clarinet, Rasmus Svale Kjærgaard Lund on tuba, Alessio Bruno on bass and Onno Govaert on drums. Together the group moved through free compositions that both had the clear structure of refined pieces and the freedom and space of improvisation. Each composition was a field of possibilities without any interpretation given by a title. Voermans laconically introduced each composition as composition number one, composition number two and so forth. It was especially a joy to hear the fine textures of the instruments where the tuba took the role of the bass. Voermans' approach recalled the free chamber music of Jimmy Giuffre and like Giuffre he can swing. ‘’

All About Jazz, Jakob Baekgaard     

Spoken Saxophone Quartet

Jazz, contemporary and classical are among the many genres this band uses to sculpture their narrative and filmic sound. Spoken presents a modern and exciting repertoire, with an interesting mixture of the many beautiful sounds of the saxophone. They execute this in a personal and original style, lightly topped with a healthy dose of humor.


Quartzite 4tet

QUARTZITE is an extremely compact, granular rock, consisting essentially of quartz.
"That's what we want our music to be."The sound of this ensemble explores between boundaries of the classical-contemporary music, jazz and rock. The explosive energy is reflecting in their highly structured compositions leaving space for adventurous risk taking moments and no-holds-barred improvisation.
The band created it's own style and genre.



Alessio Bruno Quintet


Breathing Mechanics

An Italian/Dutch quartet working on improvisation.

Wietse Voermans – tenor and alto sax

Luca Perciballi – guitar and live electronics

Alessio Bruno – double bass

Onno Govaert- drums



The Infinity Collective aka The iCollective

The iCollective is an interdisciplinary improvisation collective. It’s music, spoken word, visual art, dance and digital computing. It’s the new jazz and the rules are simple: PLAY!

In this performance we research how disciplines can communicate: how does a dancer relate to a moving triangle or how does a musician play a colour?

The result is an infinite loop of action and reaction, a symbol for life as an ever changing composition.

As an audience you’re taking part as a spectator, a voter or a game changer with our interactive app.

The Collective’s members create their own shows and collaborate within various projects.

  • Jesse Passenier (NL) – music composer & arranger, drums, piano and vibraphone
  • Mami Izumi (JP) – Choreographer, contemporary dance
  • Nina Willems (NL) – Theatre director, dramaturg, performer
  • Marie van Vollenhoven (NL) , Film & theatre director, visual artist
  • Wietse Voermans (NL) - Music composer, saxophone and clarinet

The iCollective